Matthias van den GheynInstruments

6 Suiten Op.3

An main Ouevre  v.d.Gheyns The modernised Baroque Form 

The six suites op.3 are among the few works by van den Gheyn that were printed in Leuven during his lifetime in 1750. His suites usually have fewer movements (3-5) than the baroque model (7-8).

Dance forms such as Menuet or Gigue can only be found sporadically as the title of some movements. For the most part, the individual movements are simply given tempo indications, as is common in the classical sonata.

Suite Nr.1  (D-Major)


II. Vivace

III. Menuet 1

IV. Menuet 2

V. Menuet 3

Suite Nr.2 (g-minor)

I. Spirituoso poco allegro

II. Andantino

III. Allegro

Suite Nr. 3  (G-Major)


II. Allegro

III. Presto

IV. Menuet 1

V. Menuet 2

Suite Nr. 4  (C-Major)

I.Allegro vivace



IV.Allegro 2

Suite Nr. 5  (F-Major)



III.Gigue allegro

IV.Menuet 1-4

Suite Nr. 6 (A-Major)

I. Vivace

II. Andantino

III. Allegro